Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I would be remiss to not comment about Obama's inauguration earlier today.

What a spectacular, amazing, and awe-inspiring moment. If someone had told me four, eight, twelve years ago that in 2009, America would have a black president called Barack Hussein Obama, I would have told him to get the hell outta town. I'm ashamed to say that as recently as a couple of months before last year's presidential elections, I refused to let myself believe that my fellow citizens were evolved enough to elect a black man (how could a people who elected Bush a second time possibly do anything in its best interest?).

I've never been happier to be proven utterly, utterly, utterly wrong.

Here we are now, twelve hours into having a brand-new, 44th president. He may not be able to fix all of the problems our nation--as well as the world (we are a global neighborhood, after all)--faces right away but having a capable, respectable, calm, charismatic, and intelligent commander-in-chief leading the way will, without a doubt, mollify our collective anxiety. And as Obama's said, he won't be able to bring solutions to the crises that we face today without our help. By challenging each and every citizen to rebuild this nation through service to his or her community, Obama's ushering in a new era of responsibility that we haven't seen in a very long time.

I have never been more inspired.