Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have nothing but a no good, long-ass list of excuses for why I haven't blogged in a very, very, very long time. So, instead of detailing why I haven't blogged in a painfully long time, I'm going to jump right into blogging. How about that?

My engagement party is this Friday. Yes, it's Friday the 13th, but as amma said, "Our people don't believe in any of that garbage." It's going to be a big to-do. Not only will I be decked out in the traditional shalwaar kameez but the folks have already told me that they're expecting: 1) MP to re-propose to me in front of everyone (no, seriously) and 2) a Bollywood-like number (no, seriously).

But before we discuss the pomp and cinema of my engagement party, can we talk about that lame-ass Wikipedia entry for shalwaar kameez that I've linked to in the previous sentence? What the fuck, Wikipedia (or the common folks, like you and I, who uploaded this shit on the site)??! Is this the best picture you could find to show the world what a freakin' shalwaar is?

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

Sure, this picture of a Muslim Sindhi girl circa 1870 is pretty cool:

But is this really the best example of a "modern style shalwaar kameez" you could find?

A white woman wearing an anything but fashionable lime green kurta suit? Hells to the no. Sure, she was probably the only one who cared enough to upload a damn photo into this entry but that doesn't matter. If I hadn't brought any of this up, all of you non-South Asians would have followed my link above and thought that the shalwaar kameez is an ugly-ass traditional outfit, when it's anything but. So, for the sake of shalwaar kameez, I was considering uploading photos of some lovely outfits from this site but turns out I have to create an account before I can upload any images to Wikipedia and, really, who has time for that? Not I. So, I guess I'll just deal.


Terra Shield said...

The green one is pretty ugly, actually.

And congratulations. It would be interesting to see your costume. *Hint hint...* :)

SabilaK said...

Isn't it?! It's kinda pissing me off. I call all people who care about the proper representation of shalwaar kameez to upload new photos to that lackluster Wikipedia entry.

Thanks for the congrats! I usually don't post my pics on this blog, alas, but the outfit's lovely! Send me your email addy Terra!

SabilaK said...

Slap any sort of vaguely desi outfit on a non-desi and they'll think it's amazing.

Trauma Queen said...

ugh indeed! and why do white ppl always end up buying such dumpy looking desi clothes? really! i see to much of it in India.

Will upload sum good photos of the salwar on wikipedia pronto!