Sunday, May 06, 2007


One night, years ago--I must've been 16--I dreamt that I was driving an 18 wheeler on a highway. The truck's cab was zero gravity, so I was floating, my legs swimming in the air behind me as I held onto the wheel. A cigarette dangled from my mouth (just for the record, I held or smoked a cigarette in almost every single dream I had that year; also, for the record, I think smoking is awful).

I've been thinking about the dream all day today. I've also been feeling nostalgic for high school, not the way it was but the way it could've been. A do over would be nice.


bigkahuna said...

eh - do overs are interesting to think of, but the fun is coming at you in the windshield - it ain't in the rearview mirror ;-)

The Juicy One said...

don't worry your def not alone...i graduate in 9 days and ive spent the majority of the past year wanting to forget it ever happenned...i don't want a do over cuz experiencing bad shit makes you a stronger person and all, but it was a significant let down

ps- bigkahuna nice quote