Sunday, May 20, 2007


Apologies, kittens, for being such an absentee blogger but life, work and the rest of it have been hectic of late and there’s just no getting away from such things now is there? To top things off, I’m now suffering from a most bothersome cold. I hate being sidelined by something as silly as a cold so you better believe I’m od’ing on Vitamin C. Alas, I have exhausted my supply of green tea with echinacea and don’t have the energy to run out to the store to purchase more. Alas.

In other news, I watched Spring Awakening yesterday with one of my favorite people in the WORLD, really (I have a handful of favorite people in the WORLD and I LOVE ‘em all. Kisses, kittens, kisses) and it was everything that I’d expected and more. Spring Awakening is a dark and edgy musical—composed by none other than Duncan Sheik of “Barely Breathing” fame in the mid-90s—about the sexual angst of teenagers. Masturbation, wet dreams, sadomasochism, abortion, sexual abuse, suicide, homosexuality, naked breasts and a derriere—this musical’s got it all played out (anachronistically) against rock ‘n roll. Amazingly, the musical is based on a 19th century German play by one Frank Wedekind. I have to give Herr Wedekind props for writing in 1891 about topics that are still considered taboo today. The cast is very young and hot and talented, the songs are contemporary and excellent and the set is replete with neon tubing.

Trust me. Check it out.


LanceBo said...


I was so looking forward to hanging out today and expressing our deep love for Spring Awakening. But getting sick is a Bitch (of living). Hope you feel better soon!


SabilaK said...


We shall discuss at length tomorrow the sheer gloriousness, as well as the melancholia, of Spring Awakening...and, of course, the utter hotness of Jonathan Groff aka Melchior Gabor!

CutsLikeAFife said...

Aw, you guys still get to discuss all the fun shizz. I miss the good old days. :-(