Friday, October 17, 2008


Some of my readers have expressed a desire to know more about my relationship with MP (and less about Sony Readers...although in all honesty, this blog started as a blog about strictly nerdddy stuff..).

Know this:

1) we are hiking together for the first time ever today. MP's bought me proper hiking attire so the hike will be nothing like my hike with Rich in Maine last year (I did it in a dress and flip flops, remember?). While shopping for hiking attire, MP asked, in a concern-tinged voice: you won't be complaining during our entire hike, will you. Because I, um, I really enjoy hiking.

I can make no such promises MP, especially when you're bringing along toilet paper for the trail (ahem).

2) tomorrow is our one year anniversary.

3) I'm deliriously happy.


Chitty Cat said...


congrats! and hope you enjoy the hike (im sure u will...)

Terra Shield said...

Oh, I love your nerdy posts... and congrats on the one year anniversary and good luck on the hike. I'm sure with all your running you're in pretty good shape and will ace it!

bigkahuna said...

I hope you have been able to break in your hikng boots.
If not - stop and grab some moleskin at the local drug store in case an unfortunate blister makes an appearance on the trail....