Sunday, March 11, 2007


I don't have a pic for you at the moment.

Instead, I have this public service announcement for all of my cousins and friends, especially the young, impressionable ones: don't smoke. Smoking kills and is really bad for you. If I ever see you smoking, smell smoke on you, hear rumors of your smoking habit, etc., I swear to all goodness that I'll kung fu your ass in the most terrible of ways. Your ass, among other body parts, will hurt like you've never imagined parts of your body could possibly hurt.

I threaten you with bodily harm because I care about you...and because I figure you'd rather I beat you down than tell your mom. So, there it is. Stop it before I make you stop it.

Well, maybe I'll leave you with a photo anyway.
I just found this photo and I think it's pretty goddamn awesome. I'm at once fashionable and badass here. I mean just look at the killer combination of style (the fabulous color coordination, those adorable tights, the lovely flats!) in that sassy getup and the stern expression I'm wearing on my face. Not only is it an I-will-break-you look but it may very well be taken from that legendary book of badass and specifically from the chapter called I-can-look-this-serious-and-unrelenting-because-I-practice-Brazilian-jijitsu-and-can-grapple-your-ass-into-submission-so-you-better-not-smoke-in-front-of-me-kid-because-I-promise-I'll-go-all-Gracie-on-you-and-you-know-that's-not-good-news.

I'm rambling. It's late. I'm sleepy. I don't know if any of this post made any sense but it made all sorts of sense to me so enjoy and thank you, come again. I love all of you. Yea me!

This is precisely what happens when I consume excessive amounts of sugar.


Anonymous said...

very cute
hope the hip is better

trish said...


I SO WANT YOUR OUTFIT!! (to wear as a grown up)