Sunday, March 04, 2007


A pic in which little girl Sabila isn't posing for the photogs is a rare find, so here I present you with just such a pic. I love the Rainbow Brite nightie I'm wearing and the fact that I, unlike most six-year-olds, am coloring inside the lines is rather remarkable. That's a young Arthur from Disney's animated retelling of The Sword in the Stone I'm giving a blue shirt and red vest, by the way. I bought the coloring book during a trip to North Calorina. Ahh, the good ol' days.

Who would've thought that more than two decades later, this little girl would author a blog that would be the number three result in a Google search for "dirty madlibs," a search that brings at least three visitors to every day? Why I'm not number one in this Google search is a different question that we shall save for another day, dear reader. For now, let us think of the Nerd's birthday.


Terra Shield said...

That's an interesting thought... are you anything like what the 6 year old you thought you would be?

Daniel said...


Cute pictures! Haven’t been on your site for a while…trying to catch up with your posts.
Rainbow Brite was the bomb! ahem… not that I would know anything about it or anything like that … but from what my sister told me it was a kick ass show.


SabilaK said...

I kid you not, from a very early age, I envisioned the adult I thought I'd be and the same scene played in my mind over and over again: a 20-something dressed in a very '80s, bluish-grayish skirt suit, clutching a brown briefcase and checking the time on her wristwatch as she raced down the steps of what could've been the Supreme Court...which doesn't make very much sense since the only career path I knew of back then was medicine. I was also extremely tall in my reveries, always assuming that I would be Amazonian in stature because my father and brothers are so tall.

I remember being fascinated with the idea that I would someday be an adult, someone totally different from who I was then.

SabilaK said...

But, to answer your question, Terra, I don't think I'm anything like the adult I thought I'd be. That being said, I don't think I've let the little girl I once was down.

SabilaK said...

Daniel: Cartoons back in the day rocked. I miss waking up early on Saturday mornings and sitting in front of the television with my brothers, the three of us absentmindedly shoveling spoonfuls of cold cereal into our mouths as we watched those great '80s cartoons. I probably miss those more than almost anything else.