Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Remember my cryptic post from a few days ago? Since I'm pretty sure the magic's going to go down, I figure I can tell you folks about it.

I read a book recently, which claims that it is only when you clearly know what your passions are, that these passions begin to manifest themselves in your life. The book comes with a test designed to--through self-evaluation and a process of elimination--reveal a person's top 5 passions. The authors also say that people who take the test are often surprised by what makes it (or, perhaps just as importantly, what doesn't make it) to their top 5.

My number 1: owning luxurious real estate around the world (the authors encourage readers to be as unrealistic--or, ahem, ambitious--as they must be in order to stay true to their passions).

I want to own cribs around the globe? Really? This came as a shock to me. I mean my interest in real estate has thus far been limited to watching Cribs on MTV. And, to be honest, the last time I watched anything on MTV was when I spent a Saturday night a couple of years ago with a Date My Mom marathon; I'm not even sure if Cribs is still on.

One week after taking the test, I find myself on the phone with a mortgage broker, discussing mortgage rates. A week after that, I'm pretty damn close to signing on the dotted line. Once I became clear about my passions, the universe magically tossed them into my lap. How awesome is that?!

The real estate isn't, by any means, luxurious,--it's a fixer-upper studio apartment --and of all the places around the world that it could be, it's in Jersey (well, I've always liked to think of Jersey City as a renegade colony of Manhattan...) but I'm this close to owning it and that makes me very scared and very happy (and something of a believer of West Coast juju...I mean seriously? S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y?!)


Kinza said...

Hey, congratulations! Looks like you are about u become a homeowner pretty soon! That means you are soon to become an HGTV junkie like me...

Shirley said...

whoo-hoo! congrats!!

DC Girl said...

You find your passion...and then start to take actions that make you go towards what you just found out...its a self-fulfilling prophecy. I love to travel so I will automatically look for jobs that require traveling.

I STILL don't believe in that.

If you hadn't taken the passions test, would you have noticed the woman a week later?

The only reason you noticed that woman selling real estate was because you took the passion test and were aware of the situation...

there's no such thing as signs...no such thing as 'the universe will set itself' ... it's your heightened sense of a situation so you start to make decisions because you are now aware of a particular situation.

like when you go to a psychic and she tells you something. Do you then start to do things because they were "supposed" to happen to you or because she made you "aware" of things?



Sorry...I'm such a negative when it comes to all that.

You can call me tonight and yell at me but I love you anyway and I still want the book.

Anonymouse said...

miss me? You a homeowner? Setting up a nest without yet having resolved the 'I'm single and 28 and the aunties are after me' dilemma? Shame!