Thursday, February 01, 2007


I'm pretty obsessive.

The obsession du jour is NetFlix. I'm having more fun than a normal adult person should adding and rearranging movies in my NetFlix queue. Plus I'm watching movies every night, which probably isn't a good idea, but oh well, it's all right for right now.

Allow me to extend to you my NetFlix friendship so that we can view each other's queues, compare movie ratings, and exchange notes and suggestions.

Queue. I fuckin' love that word. Goddamn those crazy Brits, they slay me.


Anonymous said...

i cordially accepted your Netflix friendship. -
Sadia (and a fan of your blog)

Seni said...

You can view my queue.... anytime

anonymouse said...

yay, this'll be fun. I find netflix doesn't completely satisfy me so I must fill my nights with downloaded films as well.