Monday, February 05, 2007


Gotham's so cold and
I'm no good at bundling up.
Oh Gore, you're a tease.*

*Please note that the Nerddd takes global warming and the climate crisis very, very seriously. She was deeply troubled by the spring-like weather that assaulted the tri-state area in early January. "What is up with this?" she asked everyone who would listen. No one had answers though and so everyone shrugged. The haiku above was composed in jest and for purposes of entertainment. The Nerd, in fact, is relieved to see winter kick that freak of nature warm weather to the curb and happily embraces the below-freezing, bone-chilling, hypothermia-causing temperatures. Because that's what winter is all about. She wishes she could communicate these profound truths to you in the world's shortest poetic form, consisting of seventeen syllables arranged in three lines of five, seven, and five syllables each; that traditional Japanese poetic form lacking rhyme and metaphor. Alas, she's afraid it would take to long to compose a haiku of such intense emotion.


Dogberry said...

Snow Melts,
and the village is overflowing,
with annoying city workers on the Belt.

Terra Shield said...

You never fail to entertain :D

PS: I was dead worried about that chunk of ice breaking in the arctic

mist1 said...

It is cold as piss
Even down here in the South
I drink to warm up