Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The naked commercialism of the most manufactured of all holidays is, once again, upon us. Let us vomit. Amen.

While I hate Valentine's Day with most every fiber of my being (this does not include the fibers of my being that have been longtime fans of flowers and those candy hearts with messages on them) and while I might come across as ambivalent about romantic love, I'd like to say for the record that I'm mostly in love with love.

I tend to throw around "I love you"s with about the same frequency as others say "Hello!" or "Your tag's out" or "Hey, wanna grab some (insert meal of your choice HERE)?" No, I'm not frivolous with my love. I just tend to live with my heart and being generous with love never seemed like a bad idea.

So, to all of the people I know out there (and, even to some of those I don't know), I'd like to say I love you, not because it's cupid-farting-hearts-out-of-his-ass day, but because it's just another day. And, no, I'm not bloody buying you a box of chocolates.


Kinza said...

i love you too sweetie...and i'm waiting for that box of chocolates... :)
Happy Valentine's day (the day millions are spent on roses that will droop, and the day millions are spent on boxes and boxes AND boxes of chocolates that will sit on the book shelves for a year and then become bottom dwellers of some garbage can the next year). Happy Valentine's Day. You might want to dodge (or maybe not)- I just saw cupid headed you way! MUAH!

Abstracting Silliness said...

cupid farting hearts... brilliant.. i googled for it (cos i am the type of person who googles everything) and found this little jem:,designs

Abstracting Silliness said...

now with linking goodness

DC Girl said...

Happy 'lets throw this day here to get the economy moving because its been two months since Christmas and the American people need to spend money' Day to you darling.

i wuv you too.

I have a valentine today. he even got me a present. i am SO kerry from sex in the city and i love it.
My friend Josh is my valentine and his boyfriend is my other friends' valentine.

and i am on cloud nine today because all us single people are going to tear DC apart tonight. Wish you were here.

i FREAKIN' love it and i wouldn't have it any other way today.


Chris said...

I don't need the chocolates. They would kill me. Quite literally. But thanks for the sentiment, nonetheless.

I am lucky because my valentine (my wife) is just as ambivalent about the "holiday" as I am.

In any case, for all the romantics out there, here is my catch-all valentine's greeting:

passion said...
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passion said...

in love with love. Yes.
Just another day. Yes.
I hate it cos ppl expect things; i rather plan a special day and not just once a year without having to follow convention.