Monday, July 28, 2008


Nerddd: It was great meeting your cousins!

MP: They're wonderful, aren't they? I like them a lot.

Nerddd: Lovely! They're lovely and funny and fun!

(brief pause during which our Nerddd and her MP walk, hand in hand)

Nerddd: Do you think they liked me?
MP: I'm sure they did. Why wouldn't they like you. What's there not to like...?

Nerddd smiles.

MP: ...except-maybe-all-that-raving-about-mma.

Our Nerddd stops walking.

Nerddd: Wait. Seriously? OMG! I knew I should've shut my mouth but I kept going and going and going about the Gracies. I almost couldn't stop.

MP nods.

Nerddd: And all of that talk about Renzo Gracie not tapping out in spite of breaking his arm. Fuck!

MP nods.

Nerddd: It was all a bit strange to them, I'm sure. They listened attentively enough.

MP: Darling, I don't think they knew what to make of you. You were positively gushing.

Our Nerddd resumes walking.

Nerddd (muttering): Don't blame me. I grew up with two older brothers.


bigkahuna said...

Just trying to get this straight -
Out petite Nerddd loves MMA and is starting at a boxing gym.
Pray tell, from where does such aggression spring forth?

SabilaK said...

I grew up with two older brothers. The end.