Thursday, July 24, 2008

LINKSYS: The Next Generation

Holy jeebus, I haven't blogged since the day before Independence Day! Forgive me, kittens--although, after making all of those promises to return to my daily blogging ways, I've failed each and everyone here terribly and I wouldn't at all be terribly surprised if you started sending me hate mail or signed a petition to have me forcibly removed from Blogger (or something).

That would suck.

This time, however, the promises are real. I've invested in a brand-spanking new wireless router (once again, I'm putting my wireless internet connection in the hands of Linksys, but the dude at Radio Shack told me that the one I bought is way superior to the craptastic Linksys that destroyed my life all those months ago. He swore that this Linksys would try harder at making this partnership work. Like I haven't heard that one before. Maybe I should've bought that one-year warranty for an additional $10, after all. Eff).

So, I'm back (albeit without the warranty).

Yes, again (the guilt of misleading you so many times this year keeps me awake at nights. I promise).

No. This time it's for keeps (again, I promise).

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