Thursday, July 03, 2008


Apologies for not posting earlier today, my darlings. I suspect that most of you are far away from your computers now, en route to your Independence Day weekend destinations of choice. Or, perhaps, the horrific economy's got you staycationing it, in which case, I hope you're at least frolicking outdoors somewhere. Then again, if you're in the greater New York City area, you can't frolick for very much longer before it starts thunderstorming at midnight and continues to rain buckets right into the weekend (I'm done with these thunderstorms we've been having, like, every single weekend. What's with that?). In which case, I suspect there might be more of you than I thought.


Anyway, today was a lovely day. The bird observed the day before Independence Day as a holiday and let us stay at home. I slept in until 7:45AM (!), then went out for a nice six mile run. Later, I frolicked with the girls in a suddenly tourist-infested downtown Manhattan. It was still lovely albeit as hot as the bottom of a barbeque pit. We had brunch in Tribeca and then lazed around Chinatown. In a sudden moment of "OMG-I-have-premature-wrinkles-around-my-eyes" I bought yet another pair of $5 sunglasses that will be rejected in a couple of days.

So, now I'm at home.

And America's less than five hours away from turning 232.

I suggest that you invest in sunglasses and lots of sunscreen, lady, because 231 hasn't been kind and, wow, I don't even have to squint to see the wrinkles.

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