Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Clearly, I had my head up my ass this morning because how else could I have forgotten to wish all of my readers a happy, happy, happy Manada (and by Manada, I mean Canada) Day, eh?! What is Manada Day all aboot, you ask? Well, my curious Americans (and others), you can read all aboot it right here! I haven't read the article just yet but I suspect that on Manada Day, Manadians engage in the very same revelries that we Americans do on the Four of July: they have barbeques and picnics, watch fireworks, blow up their fingers and their faces with firecrakcers and those sparklers I loved as a kid. They might also gorge themselves on alcohol and then hop into their jeeps.

Oh, patriotism, you loud, boisterous chum, we can always turn to you for a good time...even in Manada!

To all of my dear Manadians (there are certainly more of you this year than there were last year), I leave you with the gift of Robin Sparkle. Dance, shimmy, and sing your hearts out, you crazy, crazy Canucks, for this day is your day and no one can take that away from you.

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isheeta said...

*tears of joy*

From one FeManadian (and long time Nerd reader ... the good kind that is happy for MP And Sabila), thank you Amerinerds! We will wish you the same 3 days later!)