Monday, September 08, 2008

BLAME IT ON THE RAIN: I'm Around or How Relationships Take Away Critical Blogging Time

Sabila. Are you alive. What the shit are you doing these days...

I recently received the above comment from that best-loved reader of ours, anonymous. I understand that anonymous' concerns might be shared by many of my readers so I respond to all who are anxious about my whereabouts when I say:

Hi. I'm alive and well. I've been chilling these days.

The thing is, dearest readers, that MP is totally cramping my blogging style. Having a social life, I'm finding, is not very conducive to maintaining a blog (turns out it isn't very conducive to watching television either. I can't tell you the number of Mystery Diagnosis episodes I have languishing in my DVR queue. And forget about Gossip Girl. I gave up on that very early on). And, yes, while I agree that there are loads of bloggers in the blogosphere who maintain their blogs in spite of extremely hectic life schedules, I seem to be having a difficult time finding that balance.

In any case, you'll be pleased to know that, not long ago, your one and only Nerddd took a jaunt up to Manada with her favorite Manadian and I'm happy to report back that Daddy MP, Momma MP, and Big Sister MP are even more lovely and charming than MP!

Impossible you say?
Oh, it's possible, I say! Eh!

The moral of this post: sometimes finding a balance between life and blogging is difficult but it shouldn't be impossible. Oh, and Canadians are super nice, and even MP's niceness can be eclipsed in the land from where he hails! Plus, this post has nothing to do with the rain.

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