Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Dear People Who Roll Their Eyes at Me Upon Finding Out I'm a Vegetarian:

I hate you.

You don't see me rolling my eyes upon discovering that you're insensitive, small-minded prigs who can't keep your opinions to yourselves. And, please, refrain from trying to convince me that my reasons for going veggie--mainly, a concern for animals and the environment--are not important or significant. Now, go gorge on a steak while I enjoy my wheat gluten. No, I don't want to argue about your mother's right to cloak herself in dead animals or your dad's penchant for hunting deer while we dine because that's just rude. I may think your folks are crazy but I'm polite enough to keep my opinion to myself.

You are obnoxious. Please try to work on that.

Best of luck.

The Nerddd


Teeth Maestro said...

*Rolling my eyes*

You are really missing out on half the food chain LOL, all power to you to have the commitment to go veggie

terra shield said...

Nicely said...

3 cheers for the environment!

Anonymous said...

You're mighty opinionated; try to work on that ;)

2007 said...

So now the FDA has approved cloned cow meat to be sold without having to be labeled in any way that its cloned. They say it's just as healthy as a naturally selected cow but what do they know. 20 years from now there will be some new cancer that all came about from cloned meat. Another region to go Veg.

mist1 said...

You should see how people look at you when you eat raw meat...with your hands.

Anonymous said...

Hillarious! - Love the letter!

I vacationed with the fam this past memorial day in London (awesome place) and while there my bro insisted on calling me a rabbit the whole time because according to him I was "grazing on vegetation the whole time".

I had no clue about the cloned meat thing someone else stated above either. - crazy!

passion said...

A belated EID Mubarak and happy new year.

parents both cappys? pretty good combo.

shirley said...

Eek! Can't we all just get along? Except for the cows... they hate it when I eat them. ;P

A Million Paths said...

They're not cloning the meat - they're cloning the cows and then killing the cows and one is unwittingly buying the meat.

And one doesn't have to go veg to avoid cloned meat - one can buy organic, or one can find a local farmer. And "meat" can appear in your veggies - e.g. salmon DNA in GMO tomatoes.

Also, not all omnivores approve of the wearing of fur. I don't eat foie gras, veal (or cows really but that's another issue), or wear fur because an animal, to quote Michael Pollan, should get to live in it's "chickeness" or "duckness" before I eat it. It shouldn't have to undergo the sadistic torture that makes up these industries, and which is inherent to the production itself (factory farming is bad, but it's not obligatory).

And fur, if you're not an eskimo is worn less for function or even intrinsic pleasure and more because it's a way of showing wealth, akin to jewelry. If it were just for the fuzzy factor one could wear very realistic faux furs.

Some of my friends are veggies and I don't roll my eyes at them. I do think veganism as is practiced by most people is insane though and inherently unhealthy (one should not consume that much unfermented soy - it's bad for the thyroid and for the hormones). It's difficult to be vegan and not to be living on processed foods.

Anonymous said...

i like ribs... oh and wings...
oh and fried liver... mmmmm