Saturday, January 06, 2007


Here's another reason we should've all moved to Canada upon Bush's reelection in 2004: Little Mosque on the Prairie.

The sitcom, which premiere's on Canada's CBC network next week (I hope the first episode will be available somewhere on the Web), is about Muslims living in a small Canadian prairie town and uses comedy to shed light on what remains, for many in the western world, a religion shrouded in mystery and suspicion. The show's garnering worldwide praise and attention for tackling the post-9/11 religious divide between Muslims and non-Muslims with fresh and light hearted laughs. I doubt that a US station will ever pick this show up but, with over 6 million Muslim Americans, it would be super if that does happen.

Check out the show's website here (I'll post up a hyperlink when I'm on the PC tomorrow):


Cocaine said...

Actually, I heard from someone at CBC that two large US networks are in serious discussions about the show, but are waiting to test out the response when it goes on air in canada next week.
It is quite the conversation item here these days and I am certain that a number of people would into it on tuesday. God knows CBC needs it

King Talent said...

Bravo -- which ironically is probably the only network in the US that would ever air such a thing -- for any television program daring enough to tackle something as controversial as, uhm, a society in our world (gasp! even our own country!) that the short-sighted majority doesn't (err ... refuses) to understand.

Big words from a guy who's drinking a Molsten in protest of the '04 election. Go Maple Leafs -- Edwards in '08!

shirley said...

Omigosh! Just the name of the show made me snort water!

Anonymous said...

that is so cool!