Wednesday, January 24, 2007

INSOMNIA: not a haiku

Unlike my other insomnia posts, this one, clearly, isn't a haiku. I can't compose a haiku right now. I feel haiku'd out.

It's 3AM. I have to get up in three hours and, yet, the motivation to sleep eludes me. I heart great novels.

Come morning, I'll happily wear those bags under my eyes.


DC Girl said...

i hate insomnia. that's when i miss sleep the most.

Abstracting Silliness said...

next time try putting on some music... it works for me...

Anonymous said...

Family Blind Dating sucks - guys perspective.

Received this from my folks today after visiting them while in town for work. And my parents wonder why I don't visit more often.

There's more info about the about the Aunty, Mom, and brother than about the prospective bride.

I've decided to pass on this tempting offer. However, if I had chosed to pursue it, I could have called the brother, gotten the third degree about myself, maybe been invited over for chai, met the mom, gotten the third degree again, then finally, at long last, met and gotten some more info about the girl.

(Names, ages, and other info have been hidden to protect ME.)
Hello **ns**,

ASAK. We enjoyed your company during your visit. Here is the phone number and name that we talked about.

***** Aunty (*****'s mother) from ****** gave us this phone number. She knows this family very well from Karachi, Pakistan. This is a cell phone number of a Mr. ***** who is the older brother of the girl for whom they are looking for a proposal. The girl is in USA studying and her mother is also currently visiting her children in United States. They both live with Mr. ****** family who is himself married.

Mr. ******* ***-***-****

Please take your marriage seriously now and find your "dream girl" as soon possible using whatever means you feel appropriate. If you need our help, please let us know in "loud and clear terms" that you DO need our help and we will work with you per your wishes.

Unless you specifically ask for our help, we are on the sidelines and do not want to interfere -- as we have been doing for the last several years.

So it is all up to you. We are just requesting that you do your utmost efforts to get married soon. You will be ** years of age in just a few months and you MUST marry soon.

With all of our best wishes for you,


Your Abbu and Ammi

nusrat said...

re: above comment.

Wow guys go through this $hit too??

anonymouse said...

it would be qute if they were Fendi baguettes under your eyes... or the knockoffs they sell in Manhattan