Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Dear Madlibbin' Parasailer:

I can't believe that it's only been two months since that time that I--so absolutely racked with a case of the first-date-with-a-guy-I-picked-up-in-open-letters-on-my-blog jitters--showed up at Morimoto half an hour early in order to hop around the ladies' room and psyche myself up. In spite of all the hopping around and pep talks to myself in the dimly lit (and definitely not conducive to reapplying makeup) bathroom, I couldn't help but reply to your genial greeting with a frantic, "I'm so nervous right now, I think I'm going to vomit," as I waved my flushed face with my hand and took measured breaths in order to ward off an anxiety attack.

There were interjections of "OMG! I'm so nervous," throughout our meal, a "You're having a good time, aren't you?" as we finished course five or, maybe it was six, and, of course, the (polite) reach for the bill when it arrived was followed by "I'm so glad you're paying because it's really a turnoff when guys don't pay for dinner."

Clearly, I had a most terrible case of verbal diarrhea.

Yet, here we are, celebrating two monts together. Picking you up in open letters on my blog was the best thing I've ever done. I'm so thankful that you're my guy.

The Nerddd


Alia said...

Dude! That is so awesome! The last time I was reading your blog, MP was just getting started. The buildup of excitement was almost too much to bear. Almost. Anyhow, I just checked in now, a couple months later to hear you're together! How cute! Dude, soo stoked for you! As a single, 29 year old Muslim female of Pakistani descent I congratulate you on sticking to your guns and attracting a mate with your true self and not a picture and a biodata sheet. Congrats woman! Love ya, Alia

Anonymous said...

This is so adorable! :o)
So very happy for the both of you. Enjoy your day, the holidays and new years together, and best wishes for an ever more wonderous 2008!

Anonymous said...

Sabilak-God, you're such a desperate loser. And MP- any guy who is comfortable speaking about marriage 2 weeks into a relationship is an even bigger loser.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2 - don't be a grinch around the holidays.

Be merry! Have a candy cane!

SabilaK said...

Alia: Lovely, isn't it? It still doesn't seem real.

Anonymous: Thanks, darling. Hope your 2008 is delightful.

Anonymous #2: Yikes. No comment. Moving right along...

Anonymous #3: I know, RIGHT?!

muslimrollingstonefreud said...

so out of curiosity -1.) what are five things about MP that make him the one u associate with marriage?
2.)which of those five things will still be endearing two, five and ten years from now?
3.)what would u say is the one thing about MP & u that serves as the foundation (not the gravy or the cherry on top, but the true foundation)of your relationship?
4.)have you ever been in love before or in a long term relationship or had your heart broken or broken a heart?
respect ur openess and no matter what anyone says KEEP FOLLOWING UR HEART!

Francesca said...

This might be odd, but:
I don't know Sabila all that well, but we chat. We work in the same office. I am old enough to be her mother, and she is the sort of young woman I would be proud to have as a daughter. So for someone to call her a loser, when she is smart, accomplished, and beautiful, is totally ridiculous. It's you who are the loser, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Francesca - You're trawling this blog, and as you said "I am old enough to be her mother"....... and Anonymous is the loser??

Are you one of those old women with no life and 5 cats at home?

Anonymous said...

The way you re making this sick relationship a public mockery, this wont last too long. Take it in writing. Those who fly too high and too fast fall badly and thats exactly whats going to happen to you. Amen.