Tuesday, December 11, 2007


If someone told me six years ago, when I--wide eyed with an English lit diploma clutched in my hand--first started working, that I'd someday find myself in my boss's office, flipping through a Playboy with him, I would've said, "You so crazy!"

Yesterday, I found myself in my boss's office, flipping through a Playboy with him.

I love my job.


Sasha said...


i've lost interest in my own blog, which is why i'm constantly visiting yours. well, i always visit yours, but i am doing it more often than i did. instead of twice a day, i am here 8,964 times a day (not really but you know what i mean)

i miss my reader.


i have lost interest in my own blog. just a phase. i know, but it still sucks!


Anonymous said...

It's really not THAT surprising, considering you work in book publishing. The amount of talented authors that have had their work featured in Playboy is kind of astounding. It proves, in fact, that some people might actually read Playboy for the articles.

If it was Hustler...that'd be another story.


Rubes said...

sasha, You'll get it back, the interest if not the reader, so no lamenting. Everything has it's time.

Sabs, Playboy with your boss? Was it in your job description? ;)

Anonymous said...

First the Chaptha boyfriend and now looking at pornography with your boss. Way to go!

The Rabs said...

I didn't realize penguin could be so racy. One of my recent interviews included two senior doctors exchanging this gem in the operating room-

Doc A: So how's your herpes these days?
Doc B: Ask your mom.

Thank God for surgeon humor.

Aunty Helpful Dictator said...

Surreal... the most surreal thing that's happened in my line of "work" was a discussion on the rules of ultimate fighting in a graduate seminar.

francesca said...

Careful, Sabila, you remember what happened to Paolo and Francesca (the other one, not me).


Cyberfish said...

Who was on the cover.
Sasha, I went through that phase for several months, which only lifted recently when I designed a new header for my blog!

Sasha said...

no...that's not it.


i'm in a funk.

Sasha said...

but thank you cyberfish.