Friday, February 08, 2008

ALLERGIES!: The Nerddd Has a Close Encounter

The allergy saga continues, dear kittens! I had a bit of a reaction to my weekly allergy shots this morning. My allergist took me to her exam room, where I had two anti-histamines, one epinephrine shot, five steriod pills, and one capful of liquid Zyrtec. When my throat started to get worse after the Zyrtec, my allergist recommended that I go to the emergency room if things didn't get any better in a few minutes. To top it all off, the epinephrine made me feel like I was hopped up on ten cups of coffee, so in addition to coughing, clearing my throat, and imagining my funeral, I was shaky and fluttery.

But, don't fret my lovelies. All is well now. Here I am.


The Nerddd

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