Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I'm still here. My wireless router and--resultingly--my laptop may not be, but I am. I understand that it would take only a couple of minutes to order that bloody Airport online, so yes, I'm in a blogger prison that I've built for myself. And, seriously, yah, when did I become such a slacker?

I refuse to validate the above conjecture with an answer but what I can do for you, my readers, my friends, is update you on the latest happenings in mi vida, as uneventful as they may be:

*static cling continues to plague my existence;

*Wonder of wonders, I'm still with that crazy Canadian commenter;

*Wonder of wonders, the crazy cute Canadian commenter still finds me charming and lovely and not crazy;

*Vegetarian's Paradise II and it's sister restaurant Red Bamboo have reclaimed their rightful shared spot as the Nerddd's fave restaurants;

*I've recently realized that the Foo Fighters might be one of my favorite bands of all time (go ahead, naysayers, judge me, for I'm willing to be judged for Dave Grohl);

*I've also recently realized my love for Siggi's skyr yogurt and it completes me;

*We are 16 days away from my 29th birthday! Let's hope it's better than my 28th birthday was!;

*We are three days away from MP's (previously identified in this post as that "crazy Canadian commenter" and the "crazy cute Canadian commenter") 32nd birthday!


Sasha said...

when all of the craziness has settled, can you and I have a phone date. I miss you.

Happy Birthday MP!

Terra Shield said...

I admire your persistence in refusing to get the airport. I would have succumbed to it within a few days.