Friday, February 29, 2008

LEAP YEAR: Will you marry me?

No, I'm not really proposing to MP on my blog of all places! Hell, I'm not proposing to him at all! That's a guy's job, right?

Apparently, not on leap year. How could I have lived 28 years, eleven months and 15 days without knowing that women popping the question to their boyfriends is a leap year tradition? I suppose it's the same reason that the first time I heard someone say "Who would've thunk?!" I chastised her for her inexusibly poor grammar ("But it's a colloquialism!" I was later told. "Oh," I replied).

These western world-isms are confusing to a simple child of Pakistani immigrants!

Good luck popping the question today, brave ladies who will pop the question on this leap year day. Godspeed.


k said...

Looks like kids with chinky eyes are def in your future.

Anonymous said...

I read this a lil bit too late :P Damn it!