Monday, February 11, 2008

GRAB: Socio-Anatomical Blunders and the Nerddd

Remember that time when I inadvertently grabbed a man's crotch in order to keep my balance (I'm still recovering from that unexpected reach-out-and-touch-someone moment)?

Well, the socio-anatomical blunders are alive and well, readers. They are alive and well.

Just the other day, I was seeing someone out of my office. He stopped abruptly in the doorway. Because he stopped so abruptly, I was suddenly directly behind my. Intending to shake my hand good-meeting and goodbye, he turned with his right hand held out. Because I was standing so close to him, he shook my left boob instead.

We were mortified.

The end.


Amanda said...

probably more action than mp has seen so far.

bigkahuna said...

Sounds like a game of "Twister"

Right hand - Left boob.....

There is also the concept of "Boob grace" as demonstrated by Jack Black:

Francesca said...

Embarrassing!! Was he cute, at least?

Sasha said...


Aunty Helpful Dictator said...

That reminds me of the time a work colleague accidently grabbed the crotch of our CEO. She was rooting around in a closet and she put her hand behind her to grab the edge of the door and she didn't realise the CEO had just left the nearby gents toilet and was trying to get past the obstruction. She was torn between mortification and the funniness of the story which she promptly told everyone. These things are really funny when you're not involved in them!!

DC Girl said...

oh my goodness. horrible. especially if she tried to turn the knob.


Anonymous said...

i once did that to a friend of mine in her office as i went over to see her about a possible job...since i had quit mine.... imagine how terrible i felt after i was on my best behaviour , trying to score an interview and as she promises to get back to me...i reach out to get some balance against her shoulders so i can give her a friendly peck....left hand goes for left book and squeezes it instead.

i am still mortified to think about it.

she is pakistani and i never scored that interview...i had to go do my masters instead.