Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Exactly how the final fifteen minutes of a very long work meeting became a discussion about MP and me is still a mystery. Yesterday, my colleague BS summarized for a round table of eight persons the chain of events that lead to my blog romance.

Exactly why MP maintains his calm and stays with me after constant interrogation by the South Asian mafia (aka, my family) also remains a mystery. Last night, my amma asked on behalf of our round table of six persons (three of whom were relatives meeting MP for the first time), when MP planned on making an honest woman of me and kindly reminded him that my birthday is next month (and, you know, who doesn't like a nice surprise on her birthday).


Bigkahuna said...

You made me ponder the notion of "honest woman." I found the following:

"To marry a woman you have been living with as your wife, so that she no longer needs to lie and pretend she is married."
"here is an expression I heard growing up in West Virginia in the 1960s -- if a woman was married when she had a child, it was said that she "come by it honest." It being the baby."

Hmmm... I'm guessing your Amma really just means to have you married ;-)

SabilaK said...

THAT'S what I thought! Sigh.

Stephie said...

jeepers! you can choose your friends eh??!