Thursday, April 10, 2008


Life has been a hectic, crazy, Calgon-and-Paxil-take-me-away kind of busy. Chores and errands feel endless, as does finally closing on this first of my luxurious real estate around the world (while it may not be so exotic or luxurious to you, let me reassure you that Jersey City is someone else's "around the world"). My allergies seem to be getting worse (boy did I take for granted that little thing called breathing). And, really, who knew that being firmly ensconced in a totally healthy relationship would chip away at valuable nerd-blogging time? I sure as hell didn't.

(These days, MP has taken to gently reminding me that I haven't posted, which--although not his intention--leaves me feeling terribly guilty. I'm often so guilt-ridden that, by the time I return home, I'm too mentally and spiritually exhausted to write. Other times, I just forget).

And, why does it seem like every single crowded train I'm on has that one asshole who insists on leaning against the pole, making it impossible for the rest of us to hold on?! Oh, and those jerks on crowded trains who don't stow away their giant bookbags and/or handbags between their feet, so that I'm left with a knockoff Louis Vitton poking my back for the duration of my commute. Not that these people have anything to do with my lazy blog posting habits, but I just really, really wanted to tell them to fuck off. So, here goes: fuck you, you inconsiderate and ill-mannered creeps.

I promise I'll return to more regular posts.


Anonymous said...

Buying fake luxury items is just lame. Not only are you fronting in the most pathetic way, you are supporting terrible people who are associated with the Mafia, Prostitution, Drugs and Terrorism.

You should think about that the next time your front in you lame fake bag.

SabilaK said...

Um, I was referring to the fake Louis Vitton bags owned by commuters who aren't considerate of me and their other fellow travelers.

Reading comprehension. Look it up.

Saady said...

haha...Sabila's war continues.

Hope things are good with you !