Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm struggling with technology these days. You may officially declare me technologically impotent. The router was two days old and the iPod lived two years and two days. May they rest in peace. May I find the time, energy, and funds (oh, I'm dropping a whole lotta dough on this first of what is hopefully many luxurious real estate investments around the world) to be one with technology again.

That wasn't the haiku.

This is the haiku:

My iPod followed
Linksys into the light and
died on me today

Oh, if only I had room for more syllables in the haiku above to express the depth of my despair. Alas. Alas.


SabilaK said...

Dear 7825537:

Your comment was adorable. It's pleasantly surprising to see that I inspire such great curiousity and dedication in my readers. Will you allow me to post your comment here? It remains, for the moment, unmoderated.

Alas, MP is not called Mike in real life. I'm really interested in seeing whether you and your sister's research will reveal MP's true identity!

You're lovely!


ps: so, may I post your comment?

Sasha said...

my ipod died also...

maybe they were soul mates.

7825537 said...

You may post my comment. Maybe it will help me recruit some minions. I just thought that, if, in case my guess was correct you wouldn't want it posted in your comment box.

Oh, this is just great. But despair not. I'm going to continue the hunt.. till the last man on Earth. Surely I'll be able to find MP's identity before I'm directed to the last man on earth?

So, he's not even REMOTELY called mike in real life? Or even whatever other lives he might possess?

7825537 said...

I am sending the comment again without my e-mail address. Publicity scares me.