Friday, April 04, 2008


I turned off my alarm clock this morning wondering why the hell I'd set it for 6AM on a Sunday.

As I scrambled to get myself together for work when I realized at 8AM that it was, in fact, only Friday, things only got worse.

My jeans, for one, were a whole lot tighter on me than the last time I'd worn them. Feeling like a fatty fat fat, I threw on tops, only to pull them off in disgust. Deciding to join the ranks of the sabotage-Sabila brigade, my hair refused to do much of anything, so I yanked it back into a lame ponytail and attempted to make myself look presentable with blush and lipstick.

It didn't quite work the way that I'd hoped it would: my jeans were still snug, the top I'd finally settled on still didn't look right, and I was still effing late.

I felt three feet tall and two hundred pounds heavy as I braved the rain while juggling my two bags and an uncooperative umbrella. I entered the station just in time to watch my train pull away. Once I got on the next train, I rifled through my bag only to discover that I'd left the galley I've been reading at home. And so I waited for my stop, having ample time to meditate on what an awful day this is going to be.


Sasha said...

ME TOO! I left my badge at home...and the guards at the front DO NOT let anyone through without a badge, no matter how much they've seen you go in and out with one. I tried the extension where I was working, and KEPT getting some other guy who started getting annoyed at me and hanging up on me. Mail merge and I got in a fight (AGAIN)...I wanted to print ONE letter over again and forgot to click on 'current page'...instead it started printing ALL pages...I had to shred the gazillion letters it printed out by the time I canceled the print. Rainy day = curly hair = FRIZZY BIG hair by the end of the day...


Aunty Helpful Dictator said...

I was going to say "me too" but there was a slight time delay as my day was yesterday... Had to get to college for a meeting. Was at the bus stop early . Waited 40 minutes and realised i was not going to make the meeting, now even if the bus did eventually show up. Decided I might as well leave going in because I was going to have to leave directly after the meeting to be home for an electrician, but needed to check my email, so I went and purchased broadband! Then the electrician cancelled anyway, but I had to be somewhere else in the city by 6, so I didn't have time to go to college and work, but spent most of the day waiting for things that didn't happen... and now my backlog of work is even worse!

And I spent a lot of money on that broadband... and I'm pretty sure my hair was really frizzy!

Sasha said...

count today as one of those days also...



I think DC has a cold. The clouds will *not* go away.

Chitty Cat said...

i kept thinking sumthng would happen to those jeans - like youd realise they were not jeans but pajamas or sumthing


nice literary technique - emphasise on the jeans and create suspense ;)

well at least ur jeans did not let u down :)