Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Anonymous asks:
What's your favorite color?
*probably salmon...or forest green...and about (Yah, I have a bunch of 'em)

What month were you born in?

Why are you afraid of love or marriage?
*Forever seems like an awfully long time and I bore very easily.

What's your favorite food?

Anonymous II asks:
i think so far noone has asked the questions ms. impatience is looking for. anyone else get that feeling?
*Effin' NO. Ew.

Whats your kyptonite?
*My weakness: hot nerds. Geeky nerds. Nerds. They make me lose my senses.

Will sabilak meet passion when hes in NJ?
*SabilaK doesn't know Passion, so probably not. Sorry.

What is the issue of the Nerddd not being married? Is there a notion of a limit existing that once past the Nerddd would not be able to find a suitable partner?
*According to amma: Younger women and men make more attractive brides and grooms.

If a belt-loop breaks on your Levis 501s - would you take it as a sign to get new jeans, or repair?
*If they're my favorite jeans, I'd try my darndest to save them.

I have the perfect guy for you. Will you communicate with him(email, phone call, in person) and then marry him, please? He's in Jersey, has been loking for a decent(LOL)girl. You've been looking for a decent (LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL) guy. So why not? Okay ,that's 2 questions.
*Anonymous, REVEAL YOURSELF! You mysterious folks freak me out a little. I'll think about it only and ONLY if he has at least one over the shoulder studio portrait!

1. Family Ties or Diff'rent Strokes?
*Family Ties. I sweated Alex P. Keaton when I was a kid.

2. MacGyver or Michael Knight? (I'm quite torn here, personally)
*Eff. MacGyver was so damned resourceful and MK was so damned hot. I'll go with MacGyver but only if he comes with Kit.

3. Muppet Babies or Duck Tales?

4. Def Leppard or Bon Jovi? (Again, I'm torn)
*Bon Jovi (as a kid, I thought Def Leppard was actually DEAD Leppard for the longest time. Then, on a long drive to North Carolina, I asked my brothers to play the Def Leppard cassette and they were like, "Seriously, you're a geek.")

5. Restaurant in the city you're dying to try but haven't yet
*Mesa Grill; plans always seem to fall through.

Cocaine (oh my, what an interesting moniker) asks:

1. I have an ongoing debate with my best buddies about the most famous athlete in the world - we are putting Tiger Woods vs David Beckham..whats your take on that?
DB because soccer is such a more popular sport than golf. And didn't a survey reveal that DB is more recognizable than the late Pope (not this current crazy we have)? Or was that Michael Jordan...

2. In a watercooler discussion at work today, one of my colleauges wondered out aloud if there was a word with 4 vowels, in a sequence. We havent found one yet, are you familiar with one?
*one of my favorite words of all time, as a matter of fact: onomatopoeia.

3.Why do you refer to yourself as the nerd?
*I knew the answer to the above question, didn't I?

Yet another Anonymous asks:
Has the Nerd ever been in love?

Has the Nerd ever had her heart broken?

Has the Nerd ever been passionately kissed?
*The Nerd doesn't kiss and tell.

The darling Mist asks:

Creamy or crunchy peanut butter?
*Sometimes the Nerd feels like a nut; sometimes she doesn't (Just for the record, I mostly feel like the former)

Fiesty Nusrat asks:
Will you hurry up and get laid already?
*Ahem. Cough. Ahem. Oh, is that a book I see...I'm afraid I have to go read now...for work...ahem.


passion said...

Thank u for answering.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have been married for 15 years and have 2 kids; during the first few years of our marraige while I worked my wife decided to go back to graduate school and get her advanced degree; she has managed to get a good job subsequently and has since moved up the ranks rapidly; for the past 2 years or so she has been making twice as much money as me; this has resulted in a rift developing between the two of us; we seem to be getting into fights very often and I have to admit I feel emasculated; should I be embarassed that I don't make as much money as my wife?

nwe said...

Here's how I would've answered:

1. Diff'rent Strokes

2. (Did you mean to pick Hasselhoff? Because you seem to refer to the Knight Industries Two Thousand...despite the fact that you were missing the last "T" in KITT). I choose MacGyver for 3 reasons: (1) I own a freaking Swiss army knife for no other reason than MacGyver had one, (2) I own MacGyver seasons 3 and 4 on DVD, and (3) I cheered louder for the MacGyver Mastercard commercial than I did for the actual Super Bowl...probably because my Giants weren't in it.

3. Muppet Babies, because it meant it was Saturday. To this day, I wonder what Nanny looks like.

4. Bon Jovi, because I can carry some of those tunes. Whereas with Def Lep, you need some form of natural laryngitis to get the Joe Elliott voice just right.

5. Mesa Grill on 5th Ave near Caryle Court? Had dinner there a few weeks back. Good place. As for the question, Gotham Bar & idea why I haven't tried it yet.

--now excuse me while I get some coffee because it's way too early to be here but I am.

SabilaK said...

nWe: I totally choose MacGyver but only if he comes with Michael Knight's Kitt. I grew up with MacGyver and Knightrider, yo; no way I'll ever confuse those two.

Cocaine said...


nwe said...

Speaking of Mr. Knight, are you familiar with this work?

kinza said...

Hey Sabila!
You've turned into quite the 'brown Oprah'. Yo, I'm brown too- so please don't tell me that comment was racist!:):):)

Cocaine said...

i am not sure if you are still open to some questions, but we got talking at work today, and "onomatopoeia" came up in the discussion so my colleagues and I thought that we could fire a few more questions your way and see what you think. Here goes:

1. When people are asked what three things they would like to take with them to a deserted island, how come no one asks for a boat?

2. A 20 year old lad is flying Continental Airlines to Vancouver from NYC. He needs to change a plane in Toronto. The legal drinking age in Canada is 19, while in the US its 21. Once he takes the connection from Toronto should he be able to ask for beer/liquor on the plane?

3.You know the hockey team Anaheim Mighty Ducks, well they dropped the Mighty from their name and now they go by Anaheim Ducks. In your opinion whats sounds like a more menacing hockey team, Anaheim Ducks or Anaheim Mighty Ducks?

BigKahuna said...

"Once he takes the connection from Toronto should he be able to ask for beer/liquor on the plane?"

On international flights regulations state one must be 21 before alchol can be served.

SabilaK said...

Anonymous: You should not feel insecure about the fact that your wife earns more money than you do. Society has brainwashed us to believe that men should be the breadwinners in the family while wives clean the bathroom, watch the children and have dinner waiting on the table for their hardworking husbands. Those days are over. Don't buy into the stereotypes. Be proud of your accomplished wife. Most importantly, don't measure yourself against these outdated conventions.

SabilaK said...

Anonymous: I happen to have a cousin who is a physician. His wife is a geneticist. They had a hell of a time finding a nanny for their son and after a close call with one (she was an absolute nightmare), my cousin put aside all convention and, not giving a rat's ass about how his community would judge him, he decided to become a stay-at-home dad until his son was old enough to attend school.

At the end of the day, gender stereotypes are just bullshit.

SabilaK said...


1) I don't know what kinds of doorknobs you've been talking to but I always ask for a big boat, someone who can drive the boat, and a compass.

2) What BK says sounds right.

3) Why did those douches drop the "Mighty"? Dammit, I loved the "Mighty" in their name. Oh, and how I loved the movie.

SabilaK said...

Passion: I don't think I even know your real name. Unless your parents were hippies or something...

SabilaK said...

nWe: Are you sure you wouldn't rather pick Michael Knight over MacGyver?
And I totally dig that song. Always have.

SabilaK said...

Kinza: I can so start a better book club than her too (we actually used to joke about that at work all the time).

nwe said...

Well, if you go beyond their characters and make it Hasselhoff v. Richard Dean Anderson, then to me Hasselhoff wins hands down. Hasselhoff is shameless, as evidenced by that music video (which I love, but seems to be a product of drinking battery acid). No way RDA does anything like that. And Hasselhoff was pretty damn good in Jekyll and Hyde on Broadwa. Ever seen it?

Since I've worked 22 hours in the last 2 days, I'm totally slacking this morning, so here are more questions for you:

1. Favorite fictional nerd(s)?

2. Reading Rainbow or Mr. Rogers?

3. Where did you go to high school? College?

4. So a little while ago I bought a couple of hand-tailored suits from this lady from a company that goes office to office selling custom suits. I have more than enough suits. I bought those for the hell of it. Now she won't leave me alone and calls virtually every week. My secretary now has to play bodyguard and screen those calls. Can I get rid of the suit lady somehow?

5. Favorite cafe(s) in the city?

Sasha said...

update update update....

time for an update you nerddd