Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I don't know much about cars but I do know that Chevrolets suck, I don't care for John Mellencamp (although I do like that "Jack and Diane" song) and, frankly, I'm not liking my country these days. And yet, when this ad for the new Chevy Silverado aired five minutes ago on FOX, it made me all choked up and teary eyed. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but I was just curious about blogging. Can you tell who has been reading your blog and when or is there no record of it at all?

Abbas Halai said...

this is quite sad that corporations have to make people patriotic. the voice of america is a company. pathetic.

passion said...

Chevy makes good trucks tho.

Anonymous said...

Typical american :)...Takes somethin like a truck commercial to make you patriotic... Talk about being a mindless automoton... I agree with abbas... Very sad indeed.

SabilaK said...

Oh yah, anonymous, you're so right on, man!! AND I ran out in my star spangled velour tracksuit right after watching the commercial to buy myself a Chevy Silverado and John Mellencamp's greatest hits!!!

Sheesh! WHAT is it with you haters?

bigkahuna said...

Wow - you "hater driods" ought to up the fiber intake. One would guess you are red-lining on fecal storage and a purge in in order.

commercials are like small movies - they are designed to make you FEEL SOMETHING. Especially automotive ads - the notion is to inspire feelings and HOPEFULLY make a crossover to the product.

In this case you have John Mellencamp who spends a good deal of time raising awareness and funds for American farmers and victims of natural disasters singing a song in his style. Hey, it's not for everyone. And Nerd declares she's not a particualr fan - but the song is honest and from the heart.

The imagery was broad spectrum showing folks who dream big, perservered and had their own style. It also showed triumph, and reminders of tragedy. It's not candy coated - but it was real.

At a time where spin, innuendo and half truth is enough to wage war - it is refreshing to see even 30 seconds of reflection on mass media. That it was paid for by a truck, a painkiller or a non-profit makes no difference.

What is sad is you guys can't figure that out.
Kindly go away.

Cocaine said...

If I were marketing trucks to red necks in the deep south who know not much beyond 'merica and the 'merican dream, I too would make an advertisment that takes pride in the 'merican spirit. Thats the oldest trick of the trade.

On a side note, Mellancamp shot to popularity after he added "cougar" to his middle name. However, he isnt a big fan of being called Cougar.

bigkahuna said...

Mellencamp's first recording contract was under the name "Lil' Johnny Cougar" He always hated the name and worked for years to get rid of it.
From there it went to Johnny Cougar, then John Cougar, then John Cougar Mellencamp. For at least the last decade you haven't heard "cougar" talked about. I don't know one would agree with your assesment that the rise in popularity was triggered by "Cougar" - was likely in spite of it.. ;-)