Wednesday, November 22, 2006


For those of you who ask, is blogging no longer exciting for the Nerddd and is she, in fact, over it, I give you a resounding NO. I've been uber-busier-than-usual in my real-life life. Three meetings in one day (9AM-11AM; 12:30PM-3:00PM; 4:00PM-5:30PM) do a good job in reminding me that, holy shit, I'm an adult...because most of the time, I still feel like a twelve-year-old.

In other news, in spite of the extreme busyness, the day was punctuated by things that made me downright giddy, like:

*Seeing a nerdddy teenager who reminded me of me at 15 lost in the pages of Hamlet in the elevator as I left for work at 7AM this morning;
*managing to leave for the office at 7AM, just as I'd planned;
*being the first person to get off the train at my station (I really think this was a first for me; just for the record, this dude, who was very clearly late, blasted right past me on the stairs, so, alas, I was but the second person to exit the station. Hope the guy made it to wherever he had to be on time);
*singing Christmas carols under my breath with a hot cup of coffee in my hand as I practically skipped to work in my flats (wearing flats when I have to walk long distances makes me ridiculously happy);
*business lunch that was less business than it was lunch (when are business lunches ever business-y, really?) at one of my favorite eateries in the city, which became my most favorite eatery within a span of the second that it took me to absorb the lovely, tasteful holiday decorations that adorned the capacious space;
*seeing Spencer and Abigail Breslin eating two tables down from ours (he's lost all the baby chub...and I'm not a fan of the child actors, it was just random and amusing to see them);
*fancy tea time meeting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's very fancy Patron's Lounge;
*pretending (in my head) to be famous and absurdly wealthy patron of the arts during meeting in Patron's Lounge;
*fretting about the risque neckline of my dress in the fancy and rather proper Patron's Lounge;
*even navigating exasperatedly through the dense holiday tourist traffic through the streets of the city

I really love this time of the year. There's something about the combination of crisp fall-turning-into-winter air, the exhilarting speed of work, and the Met that makes one happy to be alive. Life is good.


zee said...

Thanks for the clarification

Glad you are super busy 'cause thats what makes life fun !

Ciao Bella!

Umar Pirzada said...

How can one get over bloggin? Doesnt it almost become religious...?

Anyway...busy is good...but getting over...'BREATHING' oh...I mean bloggin' aint...

justifiably_vertical said...

Its too early for christmas decorations! People need to stop starting so early cuz when they do we're sick of christmas by the time its actualy christmas.

DC Girl said...

Glad you are feeling positive again.
How did the thanksgiving cooking session go?

Anonymouse said...

most of this post was without merit and I scanned it oh so quickly as I am an uber busy person myself, oh yes! But my eyes lingered ever so lasvisciously over the risque neckline part.

Anonymous said...

lasciviously too.