Friday, November 24, 2006


Yesterday was Thanksgiving. It was good. There were much victuals for consumption. My brain cells are still hung over from the abundance of victuals; either that or they’ve been converted into fat cells. I suspect it might be the latter.

Must return to healthy eating today.

The following dishes adorned the Khan dinner table for seven:


Mushroom pizza
Pumpkin soup
Wheaten bread
European cheese and herb bread

Main Course

2 turkeys (18 lb and 16 lb)
2 stuffings
Yorkshire pudding
Sweet potato casserole
Brussel sprouts
Mashed potatoes


harvest pie
pumpkin cream pie
pancake cookies
apple pie

Food was abundant. So much so that it was rather absurd. The volume of leftovers makes this amongst our most absurd Thanksgivings ever.

Must return to healthy eating tomorrow (ahem).

Suffice it to say that Black Friday found me shopping at 6AM, not for clothes, but for accessories. Shopping was success.

Must return to healthy eating sooner rather than later.


passion said...

"There's something about the combination of crisp fall-turning-into-winter air" - I so agree.

Cocaine said...

i am glad I read the offerings for the evening a little while before dinner. Its sad that you are vegetarian otherwise turkey and gravy are such an awesome combo.

The Juicy One said...

wow that is a shitload of food....

oh and accessories=god

Maritza said...

Love brussels sprouts!!! I always avoided them and now, I am in love! How were they made?

zee said...

did ya desify ya turkey?

mist1 said...

Please send leftovers. Thanks.