Sunday, November 19, 2006


Apologies yet again for being a delinquent blogger once again. Following is long list of excuses for why I've been neglecting my vengeful blog:

1) The Penguin's being an especially horrid, slave-driving pimp this month;
2) EVERYONE (ie business associates) wants to meet for lunch before the holidays;
3) Amma was in the hospital but a couple of weeks ago;
4) I think I'm developing adult onset ADD (I used to have scary focus when I was but a babe and now, not so much...let's blame it on the kamikaze brain cells...aging dumbs one down);
5) I have a great friend visiting from a continent far, far away;
6) I had a great uncle visiting from a state far, far away this weekend;
7) the THOUGHT of Thanksgiving and cooking that lavishly overindulgent meal is making me slightly nauseous;
8) the THOUGHT of grocery shopping tomorrow night in preparation for said overindulgence is making me slightly nauseous;
9) the THOUGHT of cooking is reminding me that I'm mostly allergic to cooking;
10) being reminded that I dislike cooking/baking/spending excessive amounts of time prepping food is making me wonder why I subject myself to slaving away in the kitchen for days in preparation for Thanksgiving;
11) which is all reminding me of the horribly rigged results of Iron Chef Thanksgiving: Khan Family Edition last year, something that I'm still not fully over;
12) I was waking at ungodly hours in order to commute to Connecticut last week;
13) I got lost at the Stamford train station last week;
14) ...okay, stop laughing! Getting lost at the train station in a sleep-deprived state of delirium ISN'T funny!
15) I have two words for you: carpal tunnel;
16) I have another word for you: syndrome;
17) Oh shmack! My left hand just went numb yo! I'm like psychic or something! Righteous;
18) I slept for a very long time yesterday (see 12, 13, 14...and 1-3, 5-10...and 19...);
19) I'm way too stressed most of the time;
20) I'm saving my energy for Black Friday shopping!, which leaves very little time for blogging

So, whatever. I'm back. I'll post a more proper blog tomorrow, I swear! Love ya, byebye!


mAn[S]o0r said...

welcome baq!!!

oh and carpal tunnel sucks :S

Umar Pirzada said...

Writing is an ART, a TALENT and you got it...I am a student...

zee said...

6 words for you

blogging is not exciting like before?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Zee; VLOGs are the new craze!

Maritza said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Shopping on Black Friday? You are delirious!

Anonymouse said...

no worries, you're still a babe.

In other news, yesterday was worldwid turkey holocaust, the day the gobblers called 'shoah-gobble'