Sunday, December 03, 2006


As some of you may know, my dear friend H has been visiting from Pakistan this month. A born and bred Pakistani, H lived in the States for 8 years before heading back home permanently four years ago. Her family and mine go way back, with our grandparents being great friends (the story goes that my grandfather, who was a physician, delivered her father); her father and my mother were also friends and now the tradition continues with us.

This weekend was her last one with us before she heads back to the motherland. So, yes, I'm sad. I love H; she's the sister I never had. I admire her carefree approach to the world (so, so, so different from my own uptight, type-A approach to all things) and her ability to look past even the most glaring faults in people and, somehow, unearth their souls. She's an extraordinary human: patient, empathetic, and unassuming. She makes everyone around her strive to be better.

Yes, I'm sad but for good reason.

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rizwan said...

well in that case, head back to the pakiland while there is still time and become a better person like your best friend.

with your rather uptight type-A fiesty approach to all things it would be a riot