Monday, December 18, 2006


My qi has been a bit frazzled of late, hence the waning posts. I’ll blame it on the following: the holidays, excessive consumption of sugar, the sun bloody going down at four bloody thirty every single bloody day, workplace busyness, the stress of which, I was recently told, may lead to type II diabetes and the ‘rents recharged determination to marry me off (they seem to have regained their own lost focus after vacationing in Jeb Bush-land). Yours truly is set to double blind date a family with her own this weekend.

And I feel neither very intelligent nor terribly cute at the moment. Damnation.

I need an effin’ break...the bears get a good one with hiber-freakin'-nation.

In other news, I did guess the Final Jeapordy answer quite effortlessly today; it was Samuel Beckett. And praise the gods, Alex Trebek has gotten rid of that pedophilic moustache--hasn't he?

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mist1 said...

Not intelligent and not cute?

When I feel like that, I drink. That solves at least one of the problems.