Wednesday, December 20, 2006


As you all know, I've been behaving rather cantankerously of late for reasons listed a couple of posts below. One of the reasons, of course, is the family blind date, which hovers over me like a bad premonition. The number of ways this can go wrong are infinite and yet I must go through with it.

How I'm railroaded into such things is beyond me.

So, I was at Target eariler today, intent on wasting as much time as I could (because it's been one of those weeks, you know). Lingering over notebooks (I heart notebooks and journals) and pens (I heart pens) in the office supplies aisle, I barely noticed when a salesperson, dressed in the Target-issued red polo and khakis walked by. He startled me when he suddenly stopped and asked: "Excuse me. Do you know the what the capital of Montana is?"

I looked over my shoulder to see if he was addressing someone else. Nope, we were the only two people in the office supplies aisle.

I reached back into that sliver of brain where 4th grade geography resides. "Um, I think it's Helena," I told him.

"Helena?" he confirmed.

"Yah, I think so."

"Helena," he repeated and smiled. "Thanks."

I returned to the notebooks and pens that I loved and didn't think much of my exchange with the salesperson.

Now, I can't stop wondering if I look like the kind of person who knows what the capital of Montana is. Sweet baby Jeebus, do I LOOK like a nerd???


terra shield said...

Maybe he reads your blog :D

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what's more scary: the fact that some random guy who ask a stranger such an odd question, or the fact that the stranger (who looks more like a nerd than a cowgirl from Montana) would know the answer!

Anonymous said...

Think of it this way, its not nerdy its intellectually sophisticated :o)

DC girl said...

maybe its the new hot nerdy pick-up line of 2007?

nusrat said...


SabilaK said...

Should I thank you for affirming that, Nusrat?

nusrat said...

No need to thank me, I was just answering the question which everyone else was avoiding.

SabilaK said...

Well, I suppose there is a host of other, more cringe-worthy things I can look like. I'll take nerd over those any day!

feo said...

Hell yeah, thats exactly what it means.

State capitals ... dead giveaway