Saturday, September 16, 2006


Imagine my joy and excitement when I spotted TungToos standing alongside the boring gums and mints on the candy and magazine rack of the checkout lane next to where I was getting ready to pay for the assortment of veggie meats, bagged spinach, grapes, and a toy for Zanadune at my local grocery store a couple of weekends ago. A spider tattoo adorned an exaggeratedly long cartoon tongue on the package and I was intrigued. I had to have it but, clearly, it was too late for me to step out of line to grab a couple of the packaged-in-pink-foil-candy-tattoos-for-the-tongue-gloriousness. So, I called out to the cashier working that checkout line and asked her for them. She asked her next customer on line, an older, librarian type, to pass a couple of the TungToos my way and she did, a bit suspiciously, but what did I care? I was already busy imagining what my TungToos would look like!

As soon as I got home, I dropped the groceries on the kitchen counter and ran to the bathroom to try my first TungToo: a banana-flavored smiley face. As per the instructions, I held the sugared stamp flat against my tongue for 3 seconds and carefully lifted it off to reveal a bright smiley face on my tongue. My mom didn't bother hiding her disgust when I exited the bathroom, with my tongue sticking out a la Gene Simmons. She was on the verge of disowning me when I whipped out my telephone to snap a few shots of my smiley-faced tongue.

The pics are, admittedly, obscene and I'm a bit hesitant to post them up here (I never realized how bizarre my tongue looks, especially when sporting a smiley face) However, so as not to disappoint my readers, I am posting a pic of a temporary tatt that I applied with a colleague in the ladies room (to the surprise and confusion of ladies who happened upon us dabbing on images from Atomic Betty just below our clavicle regions) at work today. I was a bit disappointed that I went with, not Atomic Betty, but her rocket ship. It looked rather like a welt.


Anonymous said...

Oh what I wouldn't give to be that TungToo... hell I'd even settle for being Atomic Betty's rocket ship so close to your heart... :-P
In the words of a famously talented intellectual... "That's hot".

passion said...

kinda hard to make out that that is.. and then u get to staring at it which ends up being rude. =P

Anonymous said...

cute. Coincidence, was watching 'alien resurrection', and the escape ship in that is called 'Betty', with the same lettering as for Atomic Betty.

No Stage Necessary said... looks like a hic...hick...loooveee bite.

mist1 said...

I gotta get some TungToos.

Maritza said...

I want a TungToo too!