Thursday, September 14, 2006

WAVES, SMILES AND WITCHES: How the Nerd Got the Cold Shoulder as She Myofacially Released at a Strange and Unfamiliar Gym

So, I finally put my NYSC passport membership to good use last night and ventured to a different club (I'm a creature of habit and a reassuring fixture at my NYSC of choice). Naturally, once inside the gym, I was nonplussed my new surroundings. I wandered around asking a million questions of a million strangers (I'm not ashamed to ask questions. Strangely enough, I HATED asking questions, talking to strangers, etc, as a child. My parents and brothers used to force me to do the talking when we were calling for takeout, booking reservations or whatever. They thought it would break me out of my shy shell. I HATED it at the time but I guess it worked).

In this mass of confusion and newness, imagine my relief when I saw a familiar face stretching beside me. This little wisp of a dude who works out at my gym, was doing an ineffectual stretch on his belly. He's totally misinformed and needs a lesson or two in working out but who am I to judge, right? Anyway, I flashed him a brilliant smile of recognition and waved his way.

And what did he do???

Seriously, like how rude was he. It's not like I was going to talk to him or anything. I was concentrating on myofacially releasing for sweet Jeebus' sake! And it IS nice to see a familiar face in an unfamiliar location, isn't it?! And it's not like he doesn't recognize me because him and his boyfriend are ALWAYS gawking at me when I train with my trainer (Clearly impressed by my superior skills. Clearly). I hate bitching about people and almost always let things slide but, honestly, I was a bit offended by this guy's eye roll and head turn. I think he's just jealous of how freakin' popular I am.

I'm still annoyed. And he's a witch. I'd like to roll my eyes at HIM when I see him again but, being as aggressively (and unintentionally, really) amiable as I am, I'll probably just smile at him again, saving the wave for when he's over his bitter jealousy.


passion said...

maybe he didnt notice your wave.. for all he knows, the wave might be for somebody who just walked in..

yea, I am a Naseebster.

No Stage Necessary said...