Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Last week's 20/20 featured conjoined twins and the growing interest in the psychological aftermath of separation. The oldest living female conjoined twins, Reba and Lori Schappell, who are joined at the head and have chosen not to be separated, were also interviewed for the show. These women have distinct and dynamic personalities: they've recorded a country music album, appeared in film and television and one of the twins has always had a very healthy romantic life (she currently has a boyfriend). For bioethicists, they are living proof that separation isn't the only option for conjoined twins. One expert even noted that when studying conjoined twins throughout history, she was surprised to discover that most of them were not only okay being conjoined but also saw theirs as a superior state of being.

My mother's very thoughtful reaction to Reba and Lori Schappell's story:

"Sabila, even women joined at the heads have boyfriends."

At least she left it at that and didn't harp on it.


Anonymous said...

LOL LOL...You're mother is hilarious :P... What did you say in reply?

Madlibbin' Parasailer said...

Easily the quote of the day.

(Your mom is the best. And based on that quote alone, unbelievably charming. She's quite clearly the best recurring character in your blog although (i) your wide range of stalkers and flashers and (ii) Hemmingway are collectively a close second.)

Ahhh ... the growing pains of living in a diasporaed nuclear family - despite the occasional grief it causes, you seem like you are ultimately very well taken care of. Its nice to see that you appreciate your family so much.

mist1 said...

Of course they have boyfriends. What guy wouldn't date a chick with two bodies?

I would date a chick with two bodies and I don't even date chicks.

Maritza said...

I thought the same thing. If these freakazoids can have a boyfriend, what's wrong with me?

zee said...

your mother has given you the green light to be promiscuous..

SabilaK said...

Anonymous #1: I think I nodded. Because one can only nod in agreement. Because, truly, it's quite something for a woman joined at the head to another woman to have a thriving love life.

Madlibbin' Parasailer: Yes. Yes, indeed.

Mist1: No, only one of the twins dates. The other one brings along a book to pass the time as her sis is getting her groove on.

Maritza: Perhaps they're better kissers than we are.

Zee: I don't see how she has.

Anonymous said...

WOW My mom never encouraged me to date at all. She's totally against it, and yet she wants me to get married. Moms,go figure.

No Stage Necessary said...

You talk about your mom A LOT. Is she making you that that miserable? I tried the HTML tags in this comment, so we'll see how that goes. And as for the boyfriend comment, I'm allowed to have "bhaifriends," not boyfriends.

Animal Shelter Worker said...

That honestly made me laugh out loud. Maybe you could sew on a sympathetic cousin or something and play up "freak of nature" thing and hopefully get a pity-husband. ;)

zee said...