Saturday, September 09, 2006


I got back from my 8AM run this morning to find a blister the size of Texas on my foot. No, seriously, folks, it's a gargantuan (close to 2 inches) villain squatting on the arch of my right foot, and surrounded by an obscene ring of red. Naturally, I did what all Desis in medical distress do: I phoned one of my dozens of physician relatives.

My cousin explained that the obscene ring of red around the blister meant that it was probably infected. Thankfully, the blister had popped during my run, so all I have to do now is keep it clean, daubed with Neosporin and wrapped when I'm walking around. But I also have to take antibiotics, which my cousin called in for me, twice a day for ten days.

I run a lot and it's not like I haven't had blisters before or anything (my mother started bemoaning the sorry state of my feet from the moment I started running). This particular blister, however, is amazing. Naturally, I took a photo of it with my cell phone (to my mother's utter shock, disgust, and disappointment). Having taken a look at it just now, I don't think the photo is for the faint of heart, so, unless there's a public outcry for the pic, I won't be posting it. Take my word for it: it's gross.


Animal Shelter Worker said...

I dare say that's what you get for "excersizing"

running is against my religion!

Seriously, I hope it gets better. Good story: I was at the Dr b/c I sprained my ankle and the guy who was in the waiting room with me and his foot looked like a sausage. It was all swollen. Well, anyway, he was in the exam room next to me and he thought his ankle was sprained (moron. even I could tell him that wasn't it!) and he had had a blister apparently and didn't think a lot of it but the DR said that it got infected and now he had a massive Staph infection and he had to start taking antibiotics and if it didn't look dramatically different the next day he needed to check himself into the hospital!

So yeah. Take those antibiotics and close the exam room door. :D

Anonymous said...

You do realize taking antibiotics for no good reason is the wrong thing to do. Antibiotics are the human race's very last line of defense against infectious diseases and to use it on every occassion dilutes its powers. These diseases are becoming more and more immuned to anitbiotics because every Tom, Dick and Harry doctor is prescribing them for no good reason. Your a very healthy young woman and you should trust that your body is healthy enough with its own defense systems to take care of the little infections by themselves. Go to your doctor and get it checked out with tests, but leave the antibiotics for the times you really need it. Of course if you've already started the antibiotics then I guess you'll have to follow through with it.
BTW: I'm not a REAL doctor and I don't play one on TV.

zee said...

you could take that picture of you with in 'shalwar kameez' and blister, that your cousins so wanted :)

SabilaK said...

ASW & anonymous: So, the obscenely red ring around the blister has gone away. Does that mean I'm taking these bloody antibiotics for nothing...AND that I'm basically lulling my body's own immune system into a dangerous slumber?! Eff!

Zee: I'm thinking that the blistered foot should be the ONLY rishta pic. It speaks volumes, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Ya Sabila that Anonymous was right... here's a link to wiki:

Read the sections on "Antibiotic misuse" and "Anitbiotic resistance". It's not affecting your immune system, it's affecting the makeup of the diseases at large... evolving them faster to becoming more resistant to these antibiotics.
I'm also not a doctor by the way.

Anonymous said...

ABx for a dashed tiny about OVERKILL!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that would be a great pic to send to rishtas..LOL... I wonder if your fan base will dwindle away if you DO get engaged?? You wont have anymore stories of your mom tryin to hook you up!! Those are afterall, your most enjoyable stories..LOL

Anonymous said...

that and the fact 99.9% of her fan base is guys who want to hook up with her and still think they have a chance LOL

Maritza said...

I need to get a camera! A few weeks ago I had Fat Bastard's (from Austin Powers) left foot in place of my real foot from either a spider bite or the dread Henry the 8th GOUT (which would have been cool in a weird literary kinda way). I wanted to post glorious photos of my left foot and title them "My Left Foot". I wanted to be dragged around in box writing poetry because of my foot.

Please post your photo! It's not just a blister, think of the possibilities! ( I read way too much)

mist1 said... please? Need to assess situation for myself.

SabilaK said...

Oh, I've circ'd the pic around to friends and the general consensus is "Ew, gross, that's the biggest blister I've ever seen in my life!"

The ring around the blister is gone; the blister's deflated. Oh, but the amoxicillin and the battle its raging on my poor intestines remain. Sigh.