Thursday, June 14, 2007


Dear guys,

A friend and I are planning a trip to an undetermined location in Maine at an undisclosed time this summer. As neither of us has ever visited the great state of Stephen King, Ron Currie, Jr., lobsters, lighthouses, toothpicks (Maine happens to be the number one exporter of toothpics), blueberries (Maine also happens to be the number one exporter of blueberries) and large print publishers, we'd be ever grateful to have travel tips from folks familiar with the area.


The Nerddd

ps: It was back in 1998 that I nearly ran over a family as I attempted to parallel park. The mother and a couple of the kids may have flashed obscene gestures at me but that was it. Nothing more critical transpired. The emotional trauma of the event, however, resulted in my almost decade-long absence from behind the wheel. Say a prayer for me (as well as for all of the poor souls who will be on the road with me) at 4PM this Sunday as I take a two hour driving refresher course!


Anonymous said...

I found the people to be down to earth. There's little posturing. Like the pines in the fall, there's a certain friendliness in the air. Strangers wave to you as you drive by them. Waitresses treat you like family. Perhaps most impressively, you'll find them making fun of themselves.

All know about the lobsters of Maine. Be is illegal to catch a lobster with your bare hands in this state!

Good luck with the driving course. If you fail, no worries. Einstein never knew how to drive a car :)

Anonymous said...

OMG...I'm so excited you're learning how to drive again!!! You know no one more than I is happy to hear that. Let the drinking commence!


Terra Shield said...

Your 4pm sunday will be 6am on Monday for me... still zzzz... so I'll just wish you good luck right now :D

[] said...

you bastard. maine was supposed to be our rendezvous point.

Ron said...

Who the hell is Ron Currie?