Friday, June 08, 2007


1) Anonymous asked: Would you be interested in a blind date?
Dear Anonymous, I'd probably prefer a sighted date...wacka wacka wacka......ahem. Seriously though, anonymous, I hate the blind date. As much as one tries to walk into the blind date with an open mind and a good attitude, the night inexorably heads in the direction of great misery and even greater awkwardness...well, at least it has when my mom and her cohorts have set me up. In any case, I avoid the blind date at all costs so, no, I wouldn't be interested in one at this or any other time.

2) Anonymous asked: Would you marry an Indian muslim?

Sure, why not?

3) Sikanderk asked: What are five things in your life for which you are thankful?
*my family (my Zanadune's included, dammit)
*my friends (you know who you are)
*my health
*my job (it's going to be six years with the bird next year and this working relationship still makes me feel downright giddy. I know, I know...I'm a boob)
*my conviviality and my books tie for fifth

4) Anonymous asked: If I put my head in oven and legs in ice, on an average am I ok?
Only if you are a statistician, dear anonymous. Now, if you're a poet, we've got problems...

5) Anonymous: Since your mom loves to play the role of matchmaker, and none of her kids are interested in getting married, would she mind hooking me up; I'm desperate :P

Anonymous, are you KIDDING me? I won't hear the end of how I should aspire to be as good, obedient, and desperate as you are. Thanks but no thanks!

6) Anonymous: How do you get spray paint out of your hand?
With Lava. Lava had a brief stint as the Khan family bathroom soap back in the day. I kinda loved it.

7) Anonymous: Would you marry a non Muslim is what I'm interested in?
Sure, why not?


Anonymous said...

Dear Sabilak, mine is a 2-part question (an ode to 'Harold and Kumar'..)
1) If you're fine with marrying a non-muslim, then why on earth is there a problem??? The universe of eligible candidates is now infinite; your amusing writings have likely been misinterpreted by many (including myself!) as it seemed implicit that this was not an option. Oh joy now that it is!!
2) Given the above, can one assume then religion is not a big part of your life?

'Lost in translation'

Anonymous said...

A Muslim women can only marry a Muslim man. If the Muslim women wants to marry a non-muslim man he has to convert to Islam. The reason for this is because the husband usually decides what religion their children should follow. Therefore it is haram for a Muslim women to marry a non-muslim.

Anonymous said...

Why, pray, does the father decide what religion his kids should follow; can't they decide for themselves when they're old enough?

Oh please don't ruin this for me, she's just agreed to marry a non Muslim :p

Anonymous said...


You do realise that Sabilka probably doesn't subscribe to the same notions of religious tradition you do? Perhaps she's more secular in thought and action.

'Joyful heathen'

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous (the gentleman suggesting muslim children will decide their own religion without being raised any certain way),

Islam doesn't work that way

Anonymous said...

Its interesting your brought its up. I did a bit of research on interfaith marriages. Seems like a muslim man can marry CERTAIN non-muslim women (ofcourse conditions apply). Below is a excerpt on muslim woman vs non muslim man...

Islam considers the husband to be the head of the family and therefore requires that a Muslimah cannot marry a non-Muslim because she will be under the authority of a non-muslim husband. He may prevent her from carrying out her religious obligations by either pressuring her or physically abusing her. But it is not the sole reason for imposing the restriction. The situation is considered very damaging for the woman to practise Islam afterwards and even worse for the kids in such marriages. There are NO conditions mentioned under which a Muslim woman IS allowed to get married or remain married to a non-Muslim husband after she has accepted Islam. Therefore, even if she has freedom to practise Islam after marriage, she is NOT allowed to enter into an inter-faith marriage.

Personally, I dont matter to me. I'd rather see my sister with a non muslim man who loves her versus a muslim man who doesnt.S