Monday, June 11, 2007


This was one of those rare weekends during which I find that I have absolutely nothing but hours and hours of free time on my hands. It was a rare blessing, indeed.
I had all the time in the world. I could've done anything I pleased...or nothing at all. Had I wanted to, I could've probably even finally sat down and watched those three Netflix movies that, a third of a year since they arrived, are still languishing on top of the DVD player.

Did I watch any one of the three?
You guessed it, reader: not a chance.

Instead of catching up with the ol' Netflix, I caught up on three hours' worth of DVR'd episodes of A Haunting, The Discovery Channel's series on haunted houses; I walked to the video store (walking to the video store happens to be precisely what I was hoping to eliminate from my life by signing up with NetFlix. Hell.) and rented Catch and Release and Because I Said So (so what if I was in the mood for romantic comedies? The Nerd happens to enjoy the occasional romantic comedy); I read Diane Setterfield's fantastic debut novel The Thirteenth Tale (not only did I read it on Saturday but I found myself rereading the last quarter of it on Sunday...why? Because I had the time to reread it); I (finally) read the first quarter of Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma ; I spent hours and hours loitering the old haunts and reminiscing with my bff; I washed the windows to a streakless clean; I cleaned the bathroom; I slept for hours in the afternoon.

I could've done anything with my free time but I DIDN'T WATCH THE NETFLIX MOVIES. I can't do it. I have some sort of mental block that's preventing me from picking up one of those godforsaken Netflix envelopes, removing the bloody DVD from the bloody envelope, inserting said DVD into the friggin' DVD player, sitting back and finally watching any one of the movies. And though I know that getting over this Netflix block seems rather impossible right now, I'm not quite ready to admit defeat. I'm not ready to relinquish that impressive queue I spent time thoughtfully putting together.

And, like a patient parent, Netflix--the queue!--waits for me, its prodigal daughter.

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