Thursday, October 18, 2007


Not everyone in Pakistan approves of dating. In this searing expose of how "dates are happened, and one can guess further," hordes of lascivious boys and girls "go in the cabins of net cafes and do the love making" (that internet cafes can be so goddamn sexy is news to me!). And, even more shockingly, boys can purchase "fresh" mobile numbers of girls to indecently assault from "Easy Load Centers" (gasp, though the Easy Load Center might provide some great business opportunities for American entrepreneurs...I'm just saying...).

Obviously, this is my favorite article of all time and the following is my favorite comment in response to this eye-opening report:

Ishtiaq Ali said...
Let me tell you a true experience of mine. I was coming back from work from DHA, and was going back to home in Malir Cantt. As it was dark, and I was getting really hungry I opted to follow a short cut which passed through some lonely plots where there were bushes and shrubs.

As I was passing through it, I heart some weird "sounds", and then a female laughter. First I thought I am about to be taken away by some fairy, and then I thought it might be a demon. As I followed the voices, I found that 3 girls and a boy were lying on the ground and were busy in ****.

I stood there shocked, and suddenly, there was a mayhem, as lots of people from nowhere stormed the area, and they started beating the hell of out four of them. It was quite a scene. Almost nakes girls screaming with terror, boy was uttering abuses, everyone in the crowd was so excited and earger to beat the girls then the boys.

This carried on for 10 minutes, and then people took four of them unconsious to police station.

And it just happeneed three days ago.

Shudder is all I have to say. SHUDDER.


Ghazala Khan said...

Why Shudder buddy? :)

Thanks for linking us up.

Anonymous said...

People in Pakistan don't approve of dating because it's the ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan and dating is forbidden in Islam you moron.

Stop trying to find ways of making fun of pakis and their 'backward non-dating' ways just so you can rationalise your actions and to assuage your guilt. You're worse the worst kind of paki. Stupid gashti.

SabilaK said...

Hey asshole: quit reading the blog if you don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Sabilak: shut your whorish trap. You're calling me an asshole because 'deep' down inside you want that part of your body filled with something.
No doubt you've already found something to fill your mouth with already. You should tell your parents about that so they can realise how accomplished you are.