Tuesday, October 02, 2007

DEAR SABILA: An Open Letter to Myself

Dear Sabila:

The surest way to scare off an obviously learned and self-possessed man, who is vaguely interested in you, is by

1) dissolving into slightly hysterical and extremely screechy giggles that are more befitting a teenage chimpanzee than a grown ass woman;
2) blushing so furiously as you giggle that that you feel lightheaded and flush and are reduced to futilely fanning your tomato-colored face with your hand and, ultimately, left with a pounding headache; and, finally,
3) admitting to the man that you’re blushing, hysterical and lightheaded because you’re nervous as hell that you’ve revealed all of your neuroses to him in the first shot.

You might want to start by practicing restraint and speaking at a pitch that is below the threshold of pain and discomfort.

Super! Good luck in the future!

The Nerddd

ps: You're a dork. Thanks!


DC Girl said...

i'm sure he found it adorable.

justifiably_vertical said...

Try meeting other total dorks who are too shocked by the prospect of a women talking to them to notice how nervous you are.

...you might want to bone up on your Klingon first though.

Anonymous said...

yea guys LOVE it when you are all girly around them and giggly....

DC Girl said...

and it means he makes you nervous..which means he has an affect on you...which means there is attraction...which means there will be passion.


*you fill in the blanks*

SabilaK said...

DC Girl: You're making me blush.

SabilaK said...

JV: You're onto something. I'm so attending ComicCon and playing World of Warcraft.