Sunday, October 07, 2007


Though it feels like I've been fasting for several years now (in actuality, it's only been twenty some odd days), things are, for the most part, on the up and up. I'm currently crushing on a charming, brainy (read: nerdddy. sigh), and handsome young lad, who finds me adorable--neuroses, bum hip, recent chubbiness resulting from the bum hip and all. While the thought of putting my notoriously bad dating skills back to use is a bit terrifying (I've recently discovered that there are rules to dating. Men, apparent slaves to their hunter-gatherer days, find the chase more thrilling than the catch. Women must, therefore, play hard to get. Showing any eagerness or interest in an object of affection is a no-no. Yes, readers, I'm SCREWED), I think that this guy might just be worth the risk of potentially making a jackass of myself.

Speaking of the bum hip, it took a turn for the worse last week but has been on the mend ever since, thanks to my vigilant icing, heating, stretching, myofacial releasing, and praying. I do believe that I'll be back to normal in no time.

Finally, my super fabulous London trip is almost upon us. Yes, I remain terrified of the flight and, in all honesty, a bit apprehensive about traditional British cuisine, but visions of the British Museum, the National Gallery, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, and the Tate Modern are getting me through the fear!

This promises to be an eventful month, kittens.


Anonymous said...

Sabs (I've decided to make-up my own presumption nickname for you) -

Why on earth would you be terrified of British cuisine?? London is an amazingly multi-cultural city with fantastic fusion cuisine from all parts of the you really don't have to limit yourself to black pudding, haggis or spotted dick... go on, giggle...I know you want to...


nusrat said...

Wow Sabila, a new crush? Practicing the rules? I'm so proud of you.