Tuesday, October 02, 2007


So, I visited opthamologist no. 2 today, who ended up not being the hotty optho that my mother was hoping I'd end up seeing but some little pregnant lady, instead. She confirmed what my allergist and I knew all along: my eyes are experiencing major allergic reactions. The underside of my eyelids have broken out into tiny little bumps, which are irritating and scratching up my corneas every time I blink. I'm to stay away from contact lenses for at least a month, during which time I'll be on two different prescription eye drops plus fake tears to help lubricate the balls.

Hypothetically speaking, let's say I have a hot date in another couple of weeks, right? This raises the very real possibility that I might be bespectacled during this potentially hot, hypothetical date. Glasses are WAY more attractive than red, watery, photo-sensitive eyes, yes but, still, I'd prefer not to wear glasses on a date. If I happened to have a date, of course. Which I don't...because I'm perpetually single and not very dating adept.



Psy said...

Faced with this unfortunate hypothetical situation once, I (hypothetically) wore glasses until I got to the dinner part, took them off immediately and (hypothetically) got him to read out the menu after explaining that my eyes were acting up. If done right, this can be seen as crazy girl but endearing in a Drew Barrymore sort of way. Hypothetically, of course.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sabila,

Personally, I think you look stunning/wonderful and cute in glasses. Fret not, your lucky hot date will no doubt think the same if you are forced to wear them.