Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So, my allergy eyes are so bad these days that I might need to start using steroid allergy drops!
"But, but, my eyes are my best feature!" I pleaded with my allergist over the phone yesterday. "I can't subject them to 'roids."
"You're shit out of luck, Nerddd," she replied.

Okay, I didn't say anything about the loveliness of my currently photo sensitive and watery eyes.
And she is anything but flippant.
But I am seeing my father's opthamologist on Monday, kittens. Yes, the very same opthamologist who my mother was trying to convince me to see several weeks ago (only some of you know about this story) and the following conversation with my mother did take place:

"But I've already had a comprehensive eye exam! Like last weekend, amma!" I told her.
"And, so you'll have another. Just say no to the pupil dilation drops!"
"Sabila, I think he's single! And he's half Pakistani and very cute!"

And now I must see him.
I hate my sexy eyes.


Aunty Helpful Dictator said...

well maybe he is cute?? But I guess that depends on how good your mother's taste is!

I'm just saying... silver lining and all

Terra Shield said...

Ha ha ha...
This reminds me of my friend's story. Apparently, her dad tried to get her interested in this guy (who was like 10 years older and a doctor :)) by telling her that he looks like Shah Rukh Khan (her fav Bollywood actor)

But for your sake, I do hope the guy is cute. At least it might help sooth your allergy (sexy) eyes