Wednesday, September 05, 2007


So, my first day on the meat--I mean marriage (ahem) market didn't start so auspiciously.

I fell asleep wearing my contact lenses last night--something I haven't done in the ten years that I've been wearing contact lenses.

This morning, I woke up to an ocular DISASTER. It was awful. My eyes, which are pretty sensitive to begin with, were red, watery, and super sensitive to the light. Plus, I had a runny nose (lachrymal fluid draining into the nasal cavity). I stumbled into work wearing shades, which I kept on in the office, appearing odd and mysterious when all I was, in fact, was MELTING. Behind the shades, big, fat tears rolled down my cheeks. My vision was severly compromised, I could barely keep my eyes open, or my nose dry. Needless to say, I was forced to make today a sick (half)day. At the time, I was pretty certain that my allergies were raping and pillaging my immune system (an aside: In addition to all this drama, I haven't showered since yesterday! My allergist is running skin patch tests on me to determine if I have any chemical allergies and the patches aren't coming off until tomorrow. Ew, gross, right? (I also haven't taken my allergy medication since Thursday, which is why I suspected my immune system was vulnerable to abuse)) but my optometrist told me that the contact lenses had destroyed (okay, I said "destroyed"; he wasn't quite as dramatic as I am) me. He prescribed two different eye drops for the inflammation and reassured me that I wasn't "destroyed" and that I would regain optimum vision in no time. I've regained a lot of my vision in the past hour alone, as a matter of fact. And, to all of you Acuvue2 wearers out there, it's supposedly a dinosaur among the birds of the contact lens world, so WATCH OUT.

Let's hope tomorrow's a better day.


Hira said...

a friend of mine wears contact lenses...and whenever shes spending the night over..she never removes her lenses...and it doesnt effect her eyes....

SabilaK said...

She's probably wearing one of the new birds.
I, idiot that I am, went against the optometrist advice to switch over to newer lenses last year.